british summer is here.

[rain pouring] [thunder rumbling] [car horn blaring]
“go on. wheyyyyyyy!! Oh no.”
[in distance: “YOU IDIOT”, uproarious laughter]
“why would you go through that. what are you doing. ahhh no, he’s actually floating!”
“well of course he is. what a fucking bellend!”
“what a knobhead!”
“fucking hell.”

This should be shown whenever people say stuff like “British people are so polite,” “I love their accents,” or “surely the miserable summer weather is just exaggerated to give people things to talk about”.



Talk about seeing connections where there are none… By all means Aeltri, please post all those photos. If any of that crap was true, you bet your ass Fox News would be all over it. I’m genuinely interested in knowing why Aeltri sees pedophiles everywhere. Seriously, nearly all of her stupid theories revolves around child trafficking. And all of them only involves Jews and Democrats, so her claiming to be an independent is hard to believe.
As for being upset, that anon is right to be. A nutter walker into that restaurant with an AR-15 to investigate the story. Innocent people could have died because of that stupid theory. Yet, Aeltri chose to believe the lies. It’s like reality is just too hard for her to accept, so she just invented one that (somehow) is worst than the one we live in. I can’t understand why she has any followers, I really can’t.

Reblogging to add Hator’s comment:

It’s not part of the story that’s BS, IT’S THE WHOLE FUCKING THING!!! The fact that Hator refuses to see that puts her in the same category as Aeltri. Anyone who knows how that story started can tell it’s fake. It’s so far fetched and the evidence so silly, no one with a functioning brain actually believes it. The Russian trolls took the story and spinned it hard. Only a truly delusional person could read that story and think it’s true.